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Audible Bleeding editors Matt (@chia_md) and Wen (@WenKawaji) are joined by JVS-VL Editor Anahita Dua (@AnahitaDua), JVS Assistant Editor Dr. Paul Dimuzio (@pdimuziomd) , and JVS Editor-in-Chief Dr. Thomas Forbes (@TL_Forbes) to discuss two great articles in the JVS family of journals.  They’re joined by Dr. Steven Deak and Dr. Rens Varkevisser, the first authors of each of the papers discussing polidocanol endovenous microfoam and mortality difference between open and endovascular aneurysm repair in the VQI.  

Link to “Treatment of superficial venous insufficiency in a large patient cohort with retrograde administration of ultrasound-guided polidocanol endovenous microfoam versus endovenous laser ablation,” by Deak: 

Link to “Long-term age-stratified survival following endovascular and open abdominal aortic aneurysm repair,” by Varkevisser et al: 

Show Guests:

Dr. Steven Deak is a vascular surgeon who specializes in the treatment of venous disease. He practices at the Deak Vein NJ Clinic.

Dr. Rens Varkevisser is a trainee at the Erasmus University medical center in Rotterdam, as well as being a clinical research fellow at the department of vascular and endovascular surgery at the Beth Israel Deaconess medical center.

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