A poster in Journal of Vascular Surgery Venous

JVSV LD Article Treatment of superficial venou

Treatment of superficial venous insufficiency in a large patient cohort with retrograde administration of ultrasound-guided polidocanol endovenous microfoam versus endovenous ...
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A cover page on the official publication of the society for vascular surgery

JVSV LD Abtracts

Journal of Vascular Surgery: Venous and Lymphatic Disorders Author Disclosure: T. Ivanics: Nothing to disclose; P. Williams: Nothing to disclose; ...
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A journal on vascular surgery venous and Lymphatic Disorders

JVSV LD Regarding “Retrograde administration o

JVSV LD Regarding “Retrograde administration o REFERENCESBounds MC, Endean ED. Treatment of postoperative high-volume lymphatic complications using isosulfan blue. J ...
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A journal of Vascular surgery venous and lymphatic disorder volume 6

JVSV LD Article Retrograde administration of u

Retrograde administration of ultrasound-guided endovenous microfoam chemical ablation for the treatment of superficial venous insufficiency ABSTRACT Objective: This study measured ...
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